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Making Safe Decisions: Solution to Overcoming Brain-Centered Hazards

Sep 6, 2019 8:00:00 AM / by DEKRA OSR Communications

Making Safe Decisions is the Solution to Overcoming Brain-Centered HazardsTM

DEKRA OSR recently published the white paper, “How Making Safe Decisions is the Solution to Overcoming Brain-Centered Hazards,” designed for top leadership and decision-makers to help them recognize Brain-Centered Hazards and what they can do to control them.

When organizational culture, leadership, and systems are strong and supportive, good people still make mistakes. As leaders, the challenge is embracing how the brain functions and not falling into the trap of thinking that the people who make mistakes are bad people.

The Making Safe Decisions® (MSD) approach from DEKRA OSR helps people understand these brain-oriented vulnerabilities and teaches specific techniques for overcoming them. MSD participants learn how their brains can help or hinder their actions, and what they can do to optimize real-time reliability to avoid unplanned events.

The foundation of MSD centers on half-day sessions for frontline workers that are designed to cover the three steps that are essential to every human action when they work alone or with others: Seeing, Thinking, and Doing.

  • Seeing. Participants learn the flaws in human perception and how they make us vulnerable to error and injury. We then introduce strategies and skills to enhancing the ability to see visual exposures. Participants will practice these strategies several times within the module and on the actual job site.
  • Thinking. Participants learn skills that prompt more work pauses, questioning, and deeper analysis during planning, problem solving, and abnormal conditions. The human brain tries to conserve energy and jumps into action too quickly at times, so learning to “switch on” thinking and adjusting how we think helps ensure safety.
  • Doing. Participants learn skills to hone their ability to work consciously during critical tasks or high exposure points. Fostering safety focus during these tasks results in better execution and enhanced precision, verification of correct actions and results, and course, corrections before errors occur that can impact safety or operational continuity

Want to learn more? Download the new white paper for free to learn how the Making Safe Decisions solution will help you recognize and control exposures.


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